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  • Does the hostel have laundry service? 旅社有洗衣店的服务吗?
    We don't do laundry service by ourselves, we can send out your cloths to do ar laundry shop and you can get back overnight. The fee is 150 baht per kilogram cloth for washing and ironing. The laundry shop will weigh for you. 旅社没有洗衣店服务, 但是我们可以把您的衣服送到洗衣店、当天拿到。 费用是 150泰铢/kg ,洗衣店会给您沉重。
  • How much for take taxi to DMK Airport ? 打的到 DM 机场大概多少钱?
    Taxi fee from the hostel to DMK airport is around 400 baht (calling in front of the hostel). If you want us to call taxi for you by appointment, they charge 500 baht for common taxi. 打的到 DMK 机场大概 400泰铢 (在前台叫打的)如需要订时间...
  • How much for take taxi to BKK Airport (Suvarnabhumi airport) 打的到 BKK 机场大概多少钱?
    Taxi fee from the hostel to BKK airport is around 600 baht (calling in front of the hostel). If you want us to call taxi for you by appointment, they charge 700 baht for normal taxi. 打的到 BKK 机场大概 600泰铢 (在前台叫打的)如需要订时间...
  • Where is the nearest BTS Skytrain? 最靠近旅社的轻轨站是在那里?
    Ratchathewi station (N1) is the nearest BTS skytrain, walking distance 600 meters and take around 8 minutes by walk. 是 Ratchathewi BTS 站 (N1) , 走路 600米、大概 8分钟。
  • When we are cleaning the room? 旅舍什么什么时候理房间?
    We clean your room by your request. Eventually, for private room we will clean your bathroom and fill the toileteries everyday. 当您需要清理房间时,可以告诉前台。
  • Can we keep the luggages with you? 可以在旅舍放行李吗?
    Yes, please feel free to keep your luggages with us until the time to have to actually leave. 可以,请随时把行李放在柜台。
  • When is the breakfast start and end? 几点可以用早餐?
    Our service is all day breakfast. You can buy our breakfast set as your breakfast, lunch or dinner. 整天都可以点,您可以在前台
  • Where is the convenience store around this hostel? 旅社附近的小卖部在那里?
    When you at our exit gate, Family Mart is on your left side, 7-11 is in the small alley beside the building. Both convenience-store is in walking-distance and it takes only 3 minutes on foot. 当您在旅舍门口,Family Mart 在您的左边,7-11 是在旅舍后面的小路。两个小卖部走路大概 3分钟。
  • How much of the charge for the extra person? 多少费用为额外的人?
    For the extra person is charged for 300 baht per person per night. 额外人的费用是 300 泰铢。
  • How can the guest get the taxi? 客户在那里可以叫打的?
    Guest can get the taxi in front of our building, guest can use application eg.UBER or GRAB TAXI to call the tax by yourself, or inform us to book taxi for you. 可以叫打的在旅舍的门口,也可以使用叫 Uber 或者 Grab Taxi 的手机软件。或者到前台让我们帮您订打的。
  • Do you have any recommend for massage shop? 附近的按摩店在那里?
    Our recommend massage shop is “Let's Relax” (The nearest one is at Phayathai BTS station(N2)) or “Health-Land” which located in many area across Bangkok. 我们推荐 Let's Relax (Phayathai BTS 站 (N12) ) ,和 ”Health-Land” 在曼谷有很多分店
  • What is the WI-FI password? 怎么连接旅舍的 Wi-Fi ?
    The wi-fi password is thespades123 Wi-fi 密码是 thespades123
  • How can we get to Suvarnabhumi airport? 怎么去 Suvarnabhumi 机场?
    You can take taxi to BKK airport. Or if you travel alone, we recommend you to take airport-link (ARL) at Phayathai BTS station (N2) which located one stop away from Ratchathewi station (N1). 您可叫打的去。也可以坐 Airport-link 是在 Phayathai BTS 站 (N2)
  • How to go to the Weekend Market (JJ Market)? JJ Market 步行街 怎么去?
    You can get the BTS skytrain to Mo-chit station and that's the Weekend market. 您可以坐 BTS 到 Mo-chit 站 ( 步行街只在周末开)
  • How to go to the Platinum Mall, Pratunam area? Platinum 百货公司 怎么去?"
    When you go out turn right and turn right again at the main road, go straight around 20 minute walk and that's the Platinum mall on your right side. 当您在旅舍门口去右边走到大路, 走路大概 20分钟 楼在右边。
  • How to go to MBK? MBK 怎么去?
    If you come alone, it is walking distance around 20 minutes walk. You can go to Ratchathewi BTS station and take 1 stop to National Stadium BTS Station. 您可以走路大概 20分钟,或者您可以坐 BTS 到 National stadium 站 (只一个站)
  • Is there any street food around the hostel? 旅舍附近有没有步行街?
    In the morning, the local market is along in the small street behind the Spades building. At night, when you get out of the gate, look on your left side and right side, both lights are the street restaurants nearby our hostel. 有,早上就在旅舍后面的路。
  • How long does it take to DMK airport and BKK airport? 需要用多长时间才可以到 DMK 机场?
    It is depend on the traffic, in the rush hour it might take around 1-1.5 hour. But in normal time you can reach the airport in 40-60 minutes 说不定,平时用40分钟时间可以达到,如堵车的时候 一 到一个半小时。
  • How to do early check-out? 怎么可以提前退房?
    Before 8AM, you can checkout with our security guard, and leave the key at the recpetion. 8 点之前您需要提前退房,您可以放钥匙在前台,然后通知旅舍的保安。
  • How can we extend to stay at The Spades Hostel? 想延长住在旅舍怎么做?
    The guest can inform at the reception to check avaiability. If the room is available, we can give you the same price for the same type of room that you have stayed. 您可以到前台说,如果没有其他人订住,我们可以给您住原来的房间和原来的价格。
  • Is there any benefit for the Spades Hostel's guests to have food at Lemoncurd Tearoom? 有优惠给旅舍的客户在 Lemoncurd Tearoom 用餐吗?
    We offer 20% discount for a-la-carte menu (food) for all hostel guests. "旅舍的客户可以在 Lemoncurd Tearoom 用餐享8折优惠。"
  • Do you have tour program for guest? 旅舍有旅游参团节目吗?
    We don't do touring by ourselves but we can contact the tour for you. 旅舍可以帮您预订参团节目。
  • How much for a van to carry people up to 12 people to the airport (both DMK airport and BKK airport)? 订面包车送到DMK 或者 BKK 机场多少钱?
    We can book the van for guests to both airports is same price at 1,200 baht (oneway). 旅舍可以帮您订,费用是 1,200泰铢/单程 (12位)
  • How to fridge the food? 想用冰箱放食品怎么办?
    You can cantact at the café and keep your food there, the café stuffs will help you keeping it. 您可以联系餐厅,餐厅会帮您放好食品。
  • Where guests can send the postcard? 在那里可以寄明信片?
    The easiest way is sending it via post box in front of the hostel. 邮箱在旅舍门前
  • How to adjust temperature of air-conditioning (A/C) inside the dormitory room? 怎么调整空调温度?
    Because of we setting standard temperature of A/C for all guests, so if it is not suitable for you, you can contact our staff to help you about this. 旅舍已设定空调温度,如果空调温度不适合、 您可以告诉前台
  • How to watch the movies we prepare for you? 怎么看旅舍准备的电影
    You can get into the TV program and choose USB menu, then select the movie you want to watch. 打开电视,进去品目、选 USB 功能表,就可以选您想看的电影了。
  • Where can the guest have food in the hostel? 旅客在哪里可以吃食物。
    You can have food at the lobby (G Floor) for strong smell food. For some light food, you can have both at the lobby (G Floor) or in the common room (1st Floor). 强味食物可以在 G楼, 点心您可以在 G楼和 1楼使用。
  • Where can guest get the kitchenware? 在那里可以借用厨具?
    The guest can borrow kitchenware from Lemoncurd Tearoom and return it after used. 您可以借用在Lemoncurd Tearoom,用好后还在一样的地方。
  • How many toilets and bathrooms for men and women? 旅舍有多卫生间?
    For Men: the toilets and bathroom are on M Floor (3 toilets and 2 bathrooms) and 1st Floor (3 toilets and 4 bathrooms). For Women: the toilets and bathroom are on M Floor (1 toilet and 1 bathroom) and 2nd Floor (3 toilets and 6 bathrooms). 男士: 在 M 楼 女生 : 在
  • Lost and Found 忘了东西在旅舍怎么办?
    When you lost your things please contact the reception. We will help you find your lost. 请你联系前台,我们会帮您。
  • How can guest contact to the hostel when they are outside? 旅舍的联系方式是什么?
    Facebook message: The Spades Hostel Tel/电话 : 088-554-2246, 081-481-0088, 082-459-2662 Line / WeChat : TheSpadesHostel
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